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Battery Lookup is your one stop shop for Power Sport batteries. We have made it easy to find and get reliable information regarding the battery you seek. If the motorcycle battery is in our network you can read about it and buy it. If you want to see compatible alternatives, they are clearly displayed on the same page with enough vital information to make an informed purchase. We take the guess work out of purchasing and make finding the battery you want quick and easy!

Battery Lookup’s goal is to provide accurate information related to the specific battery you are searching and to display this information in a clear and informative manner leading to a satisfied purchase. We want to provide industry competitive pricing, honest & trustworthy information and fast reliable delivery. We want to quickly educate you regarding your battery, understanding your time is valuable. And to that we say: Get in. Get out. Go play!

Why We Do What We Do

There is a lot of confusing information around the web when it comes to seeing actual product photos and product metrics for the battery you want to buy. Many sites intentionally confuse customers with play on word descriptions and titles mixing one manufacturers part number with another’s brand while displaying an image of a product from yet another company! These items may all be compatible, but the customer seldom realizes what they are actually buying unless they can find and read the fine print.

Here is an example from an online power sport retailer:

  • Search Term: YTX5L-BS
  • Product Title: Interstate YTX5L Battery
  • Image: UT5L Adventure Power

Analysis: Interstate is a national chain store selling under the Cycle-Tron brand with a part number of CYTX5L-BS. Yuasa is an OEM manufacturer that uses the part number YTX5L. The Adventure Power UT5L is a compatible battery made by Universal Power Group.

Without investigating further do you know if you are getting a CYTX5L-BS, YTX5L, or UT5L? Are you getting a dry charge AGM or sealed AGM? Are you getting a made in China battery or one made in Taiwan or elsewhere? Are there any upgrades available?

Try this search on Battery Lookup. You will instantly come to love how easy it is to find what you are looking for and how quickly you can compare the alternatives.

If only one manufacturer uses the part number you searched for you will be immediately directed to a descriptive product page clearly displaying all your options including, at the top, the product you have in mind. If more than one company uses that part number, you will be directed to an intermediary page that informs you that the search is a little ambiguous and provides the names of the manufacturers using that part number. Find the one you are familiar with and follow the link. The confusion and time wasting ends here! Get In. Get Out. Go play!

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